Your Gut is Your Second Brain  

Did you know Your Gut is your second brain?  Addictions is an epidemic across the country. At the present time there are different types of treatments however there is also a functional medicine approach  which is very important because we will be exploring the root causes of addiction instead. The gut is your second brain so therefore what happen in your intestine will affect definitely your brain function especially your behavior and emotions among others. As you know 85% of the neurotransmitters are produced by the 100 Trillion bacteria that live in your intestines. If your intestine is not healthy then you’re gonna have an imbalance in the production of the neurotransmitters. 

We have six neurotransmitters two of which are inhibitory : serotonin and GABA and four accelerators : dopamine ,epinephrine norepinephrine and glutamate. These neurotransmitters must be in balance in order to feel well and function properly. Through a Functional Medicine evaluation we can determine how healthy is your gut, your intestinal bacterial micro biome and the status of the neurotransmitters and how they related to he addictive behaviors . In our experience it is crucial to heal the gut as well as balance the intestinal flora as part of the integrative treatment of addictions. With these approach we have seen a tremendous improvement and response in these patients affected with addictions and some of them  have even been able to progressively wean off their psychiatry medications. 

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